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Social Media

Our social media platform of choice is MeWe. Why not the big names? Because MeWe respects what the big names do not; privacy and usage rights. MeWe does not claim rights to posts, images and videos. MeWe does not snoop on your other activities or sell your information. So for a safe, user-friendly experience; join us on MeWe:

Mailing List

Enter your email address to receive updates about our services, our ministries, our events, our music and anything related to Trinity Church, Fredonia, AZ. We will not share your information with anyone else. 

To be completed after email service purchase. 


A great choice for anyone who would like a more anonymous way to receive updates about our church. Click the orange button or, right click on the link, choose "copy" and paste it into any RSS reader. You'll automatically be notified about future updates. 

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